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Lincoln Memorial Congregational Church UCC is a fellowship of  believers committed  to exalting and honoring Jesus Christ in and through corporate  worship, evangelistic  outreach, regular study of the Word of God, and through mutual service to one another and to the world.
Our Purpose is to exalt our Lord Jesus Christ. Through God’s word we commit ourselves to equip, edify, evangelize and encourage God’s People. Sunday worship  beings at 11 am.

Our Ministries


Here at Lincoln, we believe everyone is a minister, and we try to provide ministry teams to not only allow you to grow in your journey, but with like minded individuals. Here are some of our ministries:


Members of the Stewardship Commission are cheerleaders for the purposeful and intentional charity given by the Lincoln family.


Our youth ministry (WHEELscape) teaches youth how to change the world by showing them what it means to be followers of Jesus Christ through art, worship, music, dance, and all that they have.

Christian Education

We nurture our LMCC family, so that they may have confidence in their faith. Through the Sunday School’s teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, LMCC is being affirmed so that all ages may not only understand what they believe, but compassionately share their beliefs with others.


As Deacons we come to the aid of those who are in need. This has meant supporting Lincoln's other ministries, the Pastor, the ministerial staff, and the congregation. We, however, are not limited to the property and membership of the church. Being Deacons, we also open our arms to the community.


Committed to the building God's Kingdom through praise and worship teams.

Women’s Bible Study

The purpose of the ministry is to strengthen the faith journey of the women of Lincoln (and welcome guests), by studying with, praying for and helping each other.

Welcoming Shepard

Welcoming Shepherds and Greeters meet everyone who enters Lincoln's doors and invite them to share in all that Lincoln has to give.


“Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us………” –2 Corinthians 5:20.

The ongoing goal of this ministry is a prayerful and purposeful introduction of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others who do not know him, and to invite them into our fellowship.


The Health Ministry strengthens the mental, physical and emotional health of community participants by providing basic health screenings, health education and referrals to appropriate resources.

Our Staff

Pastor Gailen L. Reevers

Pastor Gailen L. Reevers

Reverend Al Reevers

Associate Pastor

Reverend Wendell Miller

Associate Pastor
Associate Pastor

Robert Carlylse

Minister of Music

Terilyn V. Lawson

Minister Terilyn V. Lawson
Youth Minister

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4126 S. Arlington Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90008

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(323) 293-8535

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(323) 293-6850



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