Major shade was flung (not thrown) this past MLK Day. In this corner, we have a disgruntled former co-worker, and in the other corner, we have the wife of a disgruntled (recently snubbed) Hollywood celebrity. While many are weighing in on whose video had more impact, there is an observation that may be missing from the discussion: both women are being affected by facets of racism on the job. Sure, #AuntViv ‘s comments are Twitter-worthy for their sheer surprise — clutch the pearls– but aside from the obvious hurt that she still feels from her #FreshPrinceofBelAir days, she is saying that black actors have not rallied together en masse as their white counterparts have done. #Jada is saying that, now, we must work together. It is highly suspect that this battle cry would come after #BigWill is snubbed, but, hey, whatever it takes for the blind to now see. Essentially, both women are saying that in order to combat racism, people of color have to find value within themselves, in what we do.

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