To Be Thankful

‘Tis the season to be thankful. And while we see all of the commercials about black Friday and Christmas, let’s slow down one moment and reflect on Thanksgiving. It is easy to be a bit side-eyed about the holiday: the first Thanksgiving was followed by centuries of social famine ( Anyway, the holiday has come to be about a time when you gather with friends, loved-ones, or acquaintances over a buffet of wonderfully prepared meats and dishes. And if you’re into sports, there’s always football. (hoo-rah!) Back to being thankful, what should we be thankful for? Most days, we receive life’s little miracles with entitled attitudes. The little miracle of breathing is splendid, but are we thankful? Maybe our yeah-you’re-supposed-to attitude is directed toward our parents. The fact that they do what they’re supposed to do is worth being thankful. Right? Being thankful is a feeling that becomes an action. For instance, if I am thankful for someone holding the door open for me, I, in return, hold the door open for someone else. To be thankful is to do something that may be unasked, or sadly, unappreciated. The point is that we take nothing for granted (you’re supposed to, or it’s supposed to), but instead, are like “Hey, you did that? Thanks!” (minus sarcasm)

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